Stop doing anything before you find your real game!

Apr 26 2021|Written by Slimane Akalië|career, opinion

Imagine you are on a Saturday morning and you're planning to spend a good time with your family, read a book, and do some cardio maybe. Suddenly a friend brings a PS4 saying that you have to experience the new thing by playing a FIFA 20 game, you play for a while and you lose, so you're thinking "I'm smarter than him, I must win this game", after that, you keep playing and at the end of the weekend you beat your friend and you're happy with it. On the other hand, you remember that you didn't spend time with your family, no cardio and no book.

Our lives are like a weekend, the amount of time and energy is huge but it's limited, and most of us are playing games not because we really care, but because there is peer pressure on us and the desire to revenge by making someone lose drives us. The good news is: we can change our game whenever we want, the bad news is: it takes time, energy and courage.

Now how I know if I am playing the wrong game, and how to find my real game? I hate this kind of questions because the most difficult thing in life is to find rules that work for everybody, but let's share some insights :

1. Try to define a high-level purpose: generally it's about others, not you (making money is not a purpose, it's a smart move). Don't spend more than a day to find your purpose, the pain will show it to you on the way.

2. Question what you're doing now for one complete year: deciding that you are on the wrong path takes time and you can't base this decision on an emotional or physical pain for moments, sometimes you need just to take a break (reading romantic/fiction books or meditation can help).

3. Find someone who had the same purpose as you, and study his moves.

4. Establish a 3-years plan and stick with it when things go wrong.

5. Move as fast as possible and surround yourself with great driven people: remember life is not like school, at school, there is one winner and multiple losers, in life there are multiple winners and multiple losers, and your mission is to be on the winners' tribe. I don't care if you're going to win or lose, but I care about my winning, so maybe we will compete against each other to survive, or we will work together to win together.

6. Take care of your health: Warren Buffet said that your health is the beautiful car that you will never ever be able to change in your lifetime, be a long-term thinker and take care of your car.

7. Don't forget the money: money is not supposed to bring happiness, it's fuel, we don't drink water to be happy we drink water to survive.

This is not a stupid "step-by-step guide to success", it's just some insights organized to be consumed. For me to be honest, I don't know if I'm playing the right game or not, maybe a form of massive pain or joy shaped my purpose and my game. maybe yes and maybe no, when I die I will know the answer, but I know that we should question everything very often to remove the noise from other people's games. Maybe entrepreneurship is not the game, the same thing for college, being a doctor, an engineer, a CEO, a CTO, traveling the world, working for a big company, working for a startup, visiting mars, I don't know there's a lot of distractions in our way and it's difficult to sit in a closed room with no technology for a day to set a plan, work on it for years without opening your mouth, without waiting for any sort of credit because you are doing it for your purpose.

Here is a quick list of people I really admire because they played a different game, and I think they're playing it for themselves :

1. Aïcha Ech-Chenna: the mother Teresa of Morocco, the woman who does what she does not to impress someone on Instagram or to be mentioned in books or articles like this.

2. Bill gates: the man who knew how to win two games (software business and charity) and how to choose the timing to focus on each one.

3. Ahmad Al Shugairi: the king of leading by example, every day I can see his impact on a whole generation.

Thanks for spending time reading my words, I really appreciate it, but remember everything you read may be completely wrong, so figure out what works for you and let me know what it is. Thanks again and be the change you want to see in the world.