#6 Mouhsin Bour Qaiba — Entrepreneurship in Morocco

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About this podcast

Mouhsin Bour Qaiba is an android lead developer and an entrepreneur who founded several companies, most notably Clean City, which has won many awards in Morocco, Europe, and the Middle East. In this episode, Slimane Akalië discusses with Mouhsin a wide range of topics including programming, entrepreneurship in Morocco, passion and social media

حول هذا البودكاست

محسن بورقيبة هو مهندس و مقاول مغربي أسس العديد من الشركات أبرزها شركة Clean city التي حصدت العديد من الجوائز على مستوى المغرب, أوروبا و الشرق الأوسط.